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Training-Fun Sessions


Training Sessions are the perfect opportunity to apply and to steady your technique, and to work on your performance under professional supervision.
Your body and mind need to practice again and again in order to get used to longer dive times and greater depths. 


Everybody is different, has different needs and requirements.
Therefore the training sessions vary according to what you would
like to achieve - the ability to relax more easily, to hold your breath longer or dive deeper, or just discovering the beautiful
freediving sites around Gozo.

This can include a boat trip to special dive sites or the opportunity
to receive beautiful pictures of yourself from the professional photographer Pete Bullen from Ocean Photo.

Your health

Prior to any course or training start you will fill in a medical questionnaire and the health declaration about COV-19. Please be aware that we can only allow any in-water-training if your are fit to dive. 
In case of any indications (e.g. any question in the general medical questionnaire that you answer with YES) you will need a written and signed consent from a physician that declares you are fit to dive. This declaration must not be older than one year.


Training/Fun  Sessions comprise of:


  • Relaxation / Breathing / Stretching sessions

  • Transfer to all shore based dive sites

  • Drinking water at the dive sites

  • Video analysis as required

What to bring:

  • Your freediving certificate

  • your freediving equipment, if you have your own
    (otherwise you can rent the entire gear)

  • towel, swim suit

  • head band or buff, for ear protection against the wind

  • water shoes  (simple neoprene shoes or crogs, no flip flops)
    to get easily and safely to the entry points

  • Up-to-date medical from your physician in case you have any health issues. Additionally you need to fill in and sign the health declaration regarding COV-19. 

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