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It's not about how DEEP you go
but HOW you go deep.

Freediving is about super athletes who dive over 200 metres into the blue.
On one unbelievable breath.


This is called "No Limits"  and some times the diver does exceed his own limits... 
The film "The Big Blue" is a famous example that made really deep freediving popular and showed the extraordinary. 


Is  just this freediving?

I believe that freediving is much more than just going deep
and reaching a goal.


  • Freediving is for everybody who is prepared to encounter him- or herself.

  • Freediving helps in a tremendous way to calm your mind, to focus and to increase your body awareness.
    You simply get to know yourself better.

  • Freediving is about the freedom you feel under water without the weight of cylinders, without the technical support
    the breathing regulator you use in scuba diving.

  • Freediving is about the freedom you feel when you realise how relaxed you can be without breathing,
    how you become part of the water, become water a bit yourself.


  • Freediving is about forgetting about the goal and truly being in the moment.

  • Freediving is about the fun you have with your dive buddies above and under water.
    Freediving is very much a team sport, as it is your buddies who supports you to free your mind and
    to be able to hold your breath longer than you may expect.


  • As a freediver you learn how to look inside

  • Freediving around Gozo is great fun! You discover the island above and under water. Beautiful bays, drop-offs, tunnels, chimneys, wrecks, stunning rock formations - there is lots to discover on the outside too!


Free Immersion

The freediver dives under water along a rope by pulling on it on the descent and the ascent. It is very relaxing and pure form of freediving, often used for warm-up dives.

Constant Weight

The freediver descends and ascends using his fins/monofin without pulling on the rope or changing his weights. This is a classic competitive discipline which will be tought in every freediving course.

Constant Weight without fins (CNF)

The freediver descends and ascends under water using only his own muscle strenght (arm strokes and leg kicks with no fins) and without pulling on the rope. Constant weight without fins is the most difficult sports depth discipline, because of absolutely no propulsing material to go down in the water. Perfection in technique, equalisation and buoyancy are essential for this discipline.

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The freediver is floating on the surface attempting to hold his breath as long as possible. For many freedivers the most challenging discipline, as it is a big mind game.

Dynamic with and without fins (DYN, DNF)

The freediver travels in a horizontal position in shallow water attempting to cover the greatest possible distance.
He either is using his fins (mono- or bi fins) or arm stroke and leg kicks. DYN and DNF are two other competitive disciplines.

Variable Weight

The freediver descends with the help of a ballast weight and ascends using his own strength: arms and/or legs, either by pulling or not pulling on the rope.

No Limits (NLT)

The freediver descends with the help of a ballast weight and ascends via a method of his choice. No limit is the absolute depth discipline for extreme athletes.


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