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About Freediving in Gozo

For some freediving is about super athletes who dive over 100 metres and nowadays even over 200 metres in the disciplien "No Limits" deep on one breath. The film "The Big Blue" and lots of stunning videos about freedivers sometimes create the image of freediving being a sport for extraordinary people only.


However everybody is extraordinary  - each one in his and her way. So freediving is for everybody who is prepared to encounter him- or herself. Freediving helps in a tremendous way to calm your mind, to focus and to increase your body awareness. You simply get to know yourself better.


Freediving is about the freedom you feel under water without the weight of cylinders, without the technical support of the breathing regulator and BCD you use in scuba diving.


It is about the freedom you feel when you realise how relaxed you can be without breathing, how you become part of the water, become water a bit yourself.


Finally it is about the fun you have with your dive buddies above and under water. Freediving is very much a team sport, as it is your buddies who supports you to free your mind and to be able to hold your breath longer than you may expect.


In our Freediving courses in Gozo you learn breathing techniques, stretching / yoga to prepare the body and mind. You learn techniques how to efficiently duck dive down, how to streamline under water. In theory sessions you will learn about the physiology and about what actually happens in your body while you hold your breath and dive down. And the best: You'll get to know the most beautiful freediving sites in Gozo.


You see, no need to be a super athlete to become a "good" freediver - you should be healthy, a rather good swimmer and fit, and more important: just be yourself. :-)

We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful freediving world around Gozo!



"The scuba diver dives to look around. The freediver dives to look inside." Umberto Pelizzari

Water is the main element we are playing with, we immerse into, we discover. Our body is made up of about 70% of water. Isn’t is very natural to look into it, go back to it? Spend time in it and with it? Let’s discover together the healing effect water has on us.

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