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Let's balance and ride the wave

You thought this is a blog about yoga and freediving, so where does the surfer come in? Surfers must be perfectly balanced. Otherwise the wave will swallow them. The waves will play with them, pushing them down, throwing them up, taking over total control.

This is how many of us feel currently. The "situation" is taking over control.

How can you keep your control during these days...? How can you ride the wave?

First of all: Keep breathing! Certain breathing techniques help you to calm you down.

Currently I find myself sometimes seesawing or swaying between different extremes in this exceptional virus-situation we are all finding ourselves in.

Sometimes I feel very centered, balanced. This gives me a feeling of calm.


Then again I want to close myself in and just wait until everything is "over". I don't allow myself to really do that, but I can feel the tendency to it. This leads to the other extreme: Wanting to be out, socializing, taking it easy (too easy...?)

Neither of these two extremes feel good.

Where does it feel best?

In the centre, balancing, and riding the wave. Sometimes I'm moving away from this centre only to find it again. And again. And again.

Are you riding the wave or being washed from one extreme to the other?

If you feel numb, helpless, sort of powerless or if you just ignore how severe the situation is and try hard to do as if nothing is happening... Then try the following (there is probably not much else you have to do at the moment anyway...):

3 ways to balance...

Safe knot - easy to untie

  • Stand up

  • Breathe into your belly

  • Close your eyes for a moment

  • Open your eyes again and simply cross your legs

  • Bring your feet as close together as possible and as your knees allow you without complaining

  • Now see if you can close eyes again (although you WON'T see anything on the outside, see what you can see on your inside)

  • Repeat with the other leg

Windy Tree

  • Stand up and feel your feet on the ground.

  • Breathe into your belly.

  • Close your eyes for a moment

  • Open your eyes again (it's much cooler with closed eyes but this is about steadiness and not coolness ;-)

  • Focus on a point about 3 metres in front of you

  • Bend one leg and lift it off the ground

  • Do whatever you want with that leg in the air: e.g. put the foot against your standing leg, or put the toes of the floating leg on the ground to still feel some security, or put the raised leg behind your head (NOT recommended if you're NOT suffering from a hypermobility syndrom)

  • Check if you're still breathing or if you concentrate so hard with one leg behind your head and the smart phone in your hand to take a selfie for Instagram that you will collapse and black out because of hypoxia.

  • So rather breathe

  • Repeat with the other leg (one leg at a time makes it easier to balance...)

  • Stand on both legs and check in how you feel

  • Repeat as much as you want and need

Advanced knot or Eagle Pose - Garudasana

  • Stand up

  • Breathe into your belly

  • Close your eyes for a moment

  • Open them again (why? see above)

  • Bend your legs slightly

  • Focus a point about 3 metres in front of you

  • Wrap one leg around the other (standing) leg as much as possible

  • Wrap your arms around each other

  • Are you still breathing..?

  • Ok. So breathe. Now!

  • Change sides

  • Have fun repeating

And? How you're feeling now? More centered, more "balanced"...?

So try number 4: Ride the wave in your daily life

  • Remember your balancing practice when you feel uneasy.

  • Breathe into your belly

  • Recall how you felt when you balanced your body and felt your centre.

  • Maybe even try to stand on one leg for a moment.

  • Feel the difference it makes.

You may not be able to change the situation you're in. But you can empower yourself how to deal with it.

PS: This works as well in ordinary situations. You do not have to wait for the next pandemic.

Stay safe, healthy, balanced and awake. And see you hopefully soon - again - on the mat! :-) We gonna then explore the more complicated knots together.

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