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Steady Mountain coupling Earth and Sky

"Where is the mountain?"

You might ask yourself.

It's all in the Asana is what I say. :-)

Tadasana or Mountain Pose is one of my favorite yoga poses or asanas. Especially at the moment I like to practice it for various reasons:

It's grounding, stabilising, balancing, yet challeging (just because of its easiness). At the same time it reminds me of my connection to something higher.

The step-child

Physically it's an easy pose that probably anybody can practice. We even pratice it in the chair yoga sessions.

This - superficial - easiness might be one of the reasons why we rather use it as a connecting element in Sun Salutations, in other warm-up--practices, and less as an asana that we practice in itself.

What is so special about this simple pose, when there is so much more funky stuff to learn in yoga?

Yoga means Connection (Coupling.. ;-) )

First of all (as you all know) because yoga is not about the contorted manoevres and the knots that we learn to tie with our arms and legs (and hopefully untighten again without doing any harm to the body... ;-) )

It's about the experience of ourselves from inside out. And in connection with the world around us. Ultimetely the goal of yoga is to realise that it's all one anyway.

Mountains couples Earth and Sky

Often we relate to the grounding effect of Tadasana. The connection to the earth, to strenghth, steadiness. However, that's only half of the pose.

A mountain is not standing ON the earth. It's part OF earth. Nobody will deny that if you imagine a mountain, look at one or stand at the bottom or on the summit of one in nature.

Yet where does a mountain 'point' to?

To the vastness of the sky, the universe above, all around. To space. To a realm that cannot be seen or touched.

To me Tadasana is a wonderful asana to experience exactly this connection to everything and everybody.

What happens in Tadasana on a deeper level

We become very aware of where we are right now.

In our human bodies we balance between the earth and the realms of something that is greater than us, yet very much alive within all of us.

Tadasana is a super practical and physical reminder that there is a higher power.

And that earth is always there to support me.

And that it's my task to balance in between.

Become a Mountain Yourself

Practice and become a mountain

  • First you ground your feet. Connect them with the mat or whatever the surface is you're standing on (even if it's the muddy ground of a river)

  • Find steadiness. Get a feel for the constant balancing act that is happening to keep the body in an upright position and not to fall over.

  • Do this and just pay attention.

  • Your arms are by your side. In another version you can take them overhad, bringing the hands together.

  • You stand upright, get a feel for the length of your spine, how it's been drawn upwards, through the neck, through the head and beyond the crown of the head.

  • Steady, calm, full of trust, very much part of the tangible earth, growing up tall out of it, touching and connecting to something intangible, yet very real.

And of course, just like a mountain: BREATHE!

Find guidance with this little audio tutorial:

Download ZIP • 4.38MB

If you do not have eough from grounding and striving, this text by Safi Nidiaye might be a wonderful inspiration:

Pursuit of the Higher Self by Safi Nidiaye
Download PDF • 55KB

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