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You just would like to discover the beauty of the Mediterraenan Sea around Gozo from the surface?
Book a snorkel session!

You will receive eye-opening tips and tricks to have more fun in the water and how to feel safe.

You will learn some breathing techniques, how to get rid of the water in your snorkel and your mask.

And the best: You'll learn that salt water does NOT hurt in your eyes!

How? Just book your session and you'll SEE!

What to bring:

  • towel, swim suit

  • Snorkel equipment (if you have your own)

  • head band or buff, for ear protection against the wind

  • water shoes  (simple neoprene shoes or crogs, no flip flops)
    to get easily and safely to the entry points

  • USB-stick (for your videos and pictures)

A Snorkeling Session comprises of:

  • Basic snorkel and breathing techniques

  • Basic skills about your equipment

  • Optional transfer to the snorkel site

  • Drinking water at the snorkel site

  • You'll receive some nice shots / videos of your snorkel experience

  • Proper freediving equipment: Fins, mask, snorkel, suit optionally

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