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Yoga in Gozo and Breathing in COV-19 times

So here we go with my very first blog post. And it's about breathing. What else?

It is NOW that Yoga and breathing exercises are more important than ever. Did you know that practicing yoga does strengthen your body AND your immune system? That it helps you to concentrate, focus. It calms your mind and makes you feel serene. Yoga and breathing exercises will not chase the virus away. But they help and support you to deal with the situation in a more relaxed, centered and smother way.

While you cannot change the situation we are in, you can change your perception, attitude and emotions towards it - simply with the way you're breathing.

That sounds like a very bold statement.

Try it out. Now.

  • Sit comfortably with a straight spine, open chest. Or lie down on your back. Your legs can be straight or knees bent, whatever feels best.

  • Realise that you are breathing. Become aware HOW you are breathing.

  • Pay attention to what your physical sensations are. Where does the air go in your body - your chest, your belly, your rib cage? What does it feel like? Take some time to realise what your breathing feels like- in your body and in your mind. Now start guiding your breath very consciously into your belly.

  • Breathe through your nose.

  • Your belly wants to inflate like a balloon on the inhale and sink back on the exhale.

  • Concentrate on this belly breathing for at least 5 breaths.

What do you feel like now? What does you body feel like now?

If you would like to take this breathing further, start slowing down your exhale. Imagine you want to hear your own exhale, like a little snoring sound in the back of your throat.

Just make your breathing as slow and deep as it feels comfortable.

You guide your breathing. Let it be easy. No hard work. Just a bit of concentration on what you are doing anyway day in day out.

Check how you feel like now. Repeat.

Remind yourself and concentrate on your breathing throughout your day.

If there is one thing you have control over in your life, it is your breathing. Make use of it, use it as a tool.


More wonders of Breathing

Breathing can do even more. Certain breathing techniques strengthen the whole breathing apparatus - your lungs, the intercostal muscles, your diaphragm. Some cleanse your lungs from old, stale air, making room for a fresh wave of oxygen for your cells and well-being.

Breathing exercises can wake you up and energise when you're feeling low and tired. Others make your nose and airways sparkling clean.

They can calm down your nervous system or make you even ore agitated.

If you wish to get more guidance or feel insecure how to "breathe properly" feel free to send me an e-mail, send a message on facebook or leave a comment. I'm looking forward to breathing with you! :-)


Feel safe to come to your yoga class in Gozo

Yoga classes take place as scheduled until further notice:

  • Friday 16.00h to 17.00h: Senior Yoga at Felis Magica

  • Tuesday 19.15h to 20.45h Back to Basics at Satori

  • Wednesday 19.15h to 20.45h Classic Hatha with a Flow at Satori

As practical safety measures we ask you for the following:

  • Please bring your own yoga mat and / or a towel to cover the mat given

  • Please do not join a yoga class if you feel unwell in whatever way - but keep breathing at home! :-)

  • Please bring an extra warm layer as we do not use any air condition

  • Please follow the hygiene and safety measures as stated by the health authorities

My measures to keep you safe during your yoga class:

  • I clean and disinfect the yoga mats after every use.

  • I stop to do hands-on-alignments

  • If I do not feel 100% well, I will cancel the class

  • Air condition is shut off

  • I accept a maximum of 5 students per class to leave lots of space around everybody

See you on the mat! :-)

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